Crete is the land that gave birth and nurtured the God of Gods, Zeus, the patron of travelers and hospitality. The soil from which a civilization full of mystery, filled with all the colors of the rainbow, grew and flourished. a place where all inhabitants had equal rights to life and joy.

The Cretans who passionately loved dance and song and happily tasted the riches of their fertile land. We are talking about the ancient inhabitants of this island, the Minoans, whose incorruptible genes have been bequeathed to the current inhabitants of the island… Although hundreds of years have passed since then and thousands of would-be conquerors have left their mark on its sacred soil. as Crete has always held a vital geographical position, connecting three continents: Asia, Europe and Africa. A magical secret, therefore, flows from ancient times, through the ages, cooling the people of the earth. a people happy, proud, robust and artistic, a people who cultivated every kind of art.

Join us as we connect the past and present of this island, through art, traditional flavors, music and dance! Let’s meet you… the Soul of Crete!


Our group aims to spread our love for the Minoan Culture through cooking, weaving, and ceramics.


I was born in a beautiful village in Crete. I was nourished by the tradition of my place and the harsh lifestyle of the village people. In my first ten years we didn’t have electricity, we had light with an oil lamp and an oil lamp, we cooked on the fire with wood. I learned from a young age to cultivate the land, to weave and to actively participate in all family tasks. I love Crete, the way of life of its people. I wish to highlight the tradition from Minoan Crete until today.


Born very close to the Minoan Knossos, I spent the first part of my life helping my father cultivate the land, while at the same time I remember my mother transforming the foods that the earth generously offered following the living recipes passed down from one generation to the next from the depths of time. As an alternative healer I understand the enormous importance of proper nutrition in maintaining health but at the same time the need to continue the transmission of these recipes from generation to generation.


I come from a family inextricably linked to the Cretan land. I have deep knowledge and specialized studies on the cultivation of the land and the production of agricultural products, traditional cooking, as well as the balance of the ecosystem where man affects. I really like Cretan cuisine, with its rich flavors and aromas, and the rich tradition of Minoan Crete has always been my inspiration. I enjoy cooking for my friends and offering them with true love the pleasure of well-cooked food. It is a great pleasure when I share with people my knowledge of the cooking and nutrition of my country.


I was born in Crete, in a blessed place, with a rich tradition in culture, music, partying, dancing, songs and its delicious cuisine. I was brought up in a family where I learned from an early age to appreciate the rich local cuisine, with its balance of flavors and aromas, resulting from the wise use of the abundance of products that the Cretan land gives and allows its inhabitants a dynamic symbiosis with their natural environment from the Minoan era to the present day. My desire is to highlight the rare aesthetic harmony of Minoan culture and cooking. My desire is to highlight the rare aesthetic harmony of Minoan culture and cooking.


I am a trainer, I grew up with strong stimuli from the tradition of Crete. I love nature. I enjoy the refreshing coolness of the sea, as well as hiking the mountain trails, activities that reconnect me with the power of mother earth. After all, good food comes to complete the enjoyment and joy of life.


I appreciate the beauty of Crete with the intense changes of the environment and I love the way of life of the inhabitants, as it was formed over time with their harmonious symbiosis with the place where they live. Cooking for me is a field of exploration, experimentation of new combinations and ultimately art with the aim of delighting the palate.